A Sunday morning idea

Why did I do this? I was always against Fashion bloggers and all this stuff.  But I couldn't help myself. 
Today I woke up after a party with my beloved Katarinka and I was thinking about creating a blog. 
A blog not just about fashion but also about people around the world who inspire me and might inspire someone like you. My name is Nora. Most ppl who will look at this probably know me. But just in case you wonder who I am: I was born in Vienna and live in Prague now (maybe i should write this in German too). My roots are also in Italy, so maybe that's way I am a bit temperamental.
 I love Austrian dumplings and Czech beer as much as I love my Mum and Dad. I love both sides of the camera as a model or as a photographer. So, enough talking about myself. What about finding out something about interesting people? Coming soon!

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