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Appiernce in magazines: Cosmopolitan, Marianne, Elle, Dolce vita, Cosmo girl, Design guide, Vice, Divka, Prakticka zena, Vlasta, Good housekeeping, Beijing...

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Movies and short films

A royal Affair (2012) directed by Nikolaj Arcel, staring Mads Mikkelsen and Alicia Vikander

Siciliana (2014) directed by Jan Wolf

Taurus series (2016) directed by Jan Wolf

Dress for love (2015) Prague Vintage Fair

Zažít město jinak (2015)


Over the years I modeled for most of the Czech and Slovak designers and have been a part of the Prague fashion weeks and Shooting fashion stars for the past couple of years. 
Some of the designers and brands I modeled for: 
Vivienne Westwood, Jakub Polanka, Zuzana Kubickova, Pinko, La Perla, Pavel Ivancic, Marcel Ostertag, La Formela, Marcel Holubec W., Ivana Kanovska, Awkward collection, Hana Zarubova, Tatiana Kovarikova, Tiqe by Petra Balvinova a many others.

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