Suprise giveaway

I have a great summer surpise giveaway for you guys! Who can guess where I am going and writes me his funneiest story from traveling can win an fantastic gift from the country where I am going to. The giveaway ends in one week so try your best! P.S. Its very easy to guess it, and with a little luck the gift is yours! Good luck and enjoy summer!

For followers of this blog ONLY

Vazeni pratele, mam pro vas tajne letni giveaway! Kdo se rad necha prekvapit a se zalibou soutezi at se navaha pridat! Staci uhadnout kam zitra odjizdim a napsat mi do komenaru nejzabavnejsi prihodu z cest. Vysledky budou vyhlaseny cca za tyden. P.S Je to jednodusi nez si myslite. Hodne stesti a uzijte si leto!

JEN pro followers tohoto blogu

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