I did it myself

Do you know that most of the people get angry when you r happy? Yes even your friends. ( Lets says, you thought they are your good friends). You know, yesterday and probably the whole next week I will listen to people telling me that I am fat and chubby and don't know what else. But I don't care. I am a model without an agency and with a good attitude. Hhaha I don't care, I feel good, they choose me for the Prague fashion week and thats it. So please, don't ever let anybody take your smile away!


Btw, I found this amazing girl who is such an inspiration for me! (and she smiles on every photo)

Shirt for a second hand and cut (inspiration for Geneva), skirt form two shirts by Natalie Steklova, shades HM, and rest unknown maybe form a second hand too. 

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  1. kasli na to, jsi krasna a na mole vypadas skvele! uz se na tebe tesim.