Viva Las Vegas!

So finally here are some photos from our crazy Las Vegas wedding! It was fun, it took 15 minutes and than next please. Las Vegas is a terrible city thought, it was too hot and drunks and junkies everywhere!
As you can see we had two Elvises, one, the real one, and one, our sweet friend Alfred. If somebody likes that tall guy in the
 t-shirt, its my brother Victor and he is still single. Don't worry he doesn't want to get married jet :D

On the 23 of August I Nora Rajnoch Colledani got married to Gary Lee Barnhart and that made me 
the luckiest girl in the world!

Of course, I never wanted to get married, and I would be lucky even with out it, but as you can imagine..
The fever of Las Vegas!

To get the right atmosphere listen to this:

And later we were singing Viva Las Vegas!

Special Thanks to Zuzana Kubickova for the perfect wedding dress!

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