Fashion kid

This week was great! We saw a few shows, I go to walk on the runway again and Oliver got to know important people from the Prague fashion scene. I dont think he really cares that Jakub Polanka, Zuzana Kubickova, Olo, Petra Ptackova and many others were cuddling him and I am sure that there were also glad to have him at their show.
Any way, Oli saw more shows that most of the people and I hope that he was glad to see
 his mum back on stage even before he was one month old.


With our sweet Petra Ptackova. Btw her show was amazing!

Too much fashion in 4 days. We are glad its all over.

I am wearing everything from secondhands, accept that red babydoll, thats from Agent provocateur. And the rest of the family? I have no clue! I guess also secondhands and custom made shirts.

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