Take it back, chubby!

I am listening to this song and thinking...why have the stress? When I was in a modeling agency I always had to listen to: You are to fat, your butt is to big, mamma mia! Once I went to Milano as an assistant for the fashion photographer Karel Losenicky, and we went to a few agencies..one told me, we love you! You are a little bit bigger, but Milano needs some ''real'' women 
( Real women please forgive me!) So I came back, this time as a model (after a few years again being there and doing crazy stuff, but about that an other day..)
So I came to the agency and they started to take my measurements (just to remind you, I was there a week ago and I was standing next to them)..the italian with dark complexion doing it, got white and almost fainted on me: ''Mama mia! 93! Are you crazy?! What?! Ma ma mia!'' he screamed. Okay it was my hips and butt who almost gave him an heart attack. Finally he 
said: ''You have one week to loose that or you are going home.'' What was my answer on this awkward situation? ''Brilliant, please buy me a ticket.'' So all ended up with me staying there for a free week of holidays and crazy parties like in the old times. But I never lost my lovely nickname Cicona (fat girl) and never lost my grace. 

What to learn from that story? You will never have what you had (90 cm hips) and you will always want something you might have in a few years.

So girls, just shake it!

Here are photos from my last two lingerie shows, I never wanted to do lingerie, but could I resist to Zuzanka Kubickova's amazing collections?


  1. haha, co na to rict? vypadas vyborne a je dobre, ze se s negativnima reakcema dokazes vyporadat s nadhledem.