Jingle bingle!

Do you know czechoriginalfashion ? Okay, if you are not czech or slovak than probably not. Its a great page, were are a lot of reviews, reports, interviews...and all about fashion, Czech fashion. I have to say its getting better and better here, don't you think? Okay, so, they are having this great competition were you can win a lot of cool stuff (by the way, I was naughty, so there won't be any presents for me under the tree, so thats why I need to win that!) The task is to have one of three best christmas eve outfits. I could have chosen the "good girl" clothes but, because my husband already knows how I am, I could wear something a little bit naughty. How do you like it?


Shoes DIY decoration (guess from what), dress H&M, bustle and stockings Agent provocateur.

Merry christmas a Vesele Vanoce!

Photos by Gary lee

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