Laying on a SOFFA

Here are photos from the latest editorial i did for SOFFA mag. If you click on the link, 
it will take you right away to browsing through this amazing ''paper''. Thanks to the wonderful
 team of beautiful and talented women (Yes, I mean you Adela, Lenka, Terezia, Adela and Marcela) 
I had so much fun ''ridding'' a horse for the second time in my life (of course without 
a saddle!). It was a great day, we have wonderful photos and I am so honored 
to be a part of your minimalistic and absolutely stunning magazine!

Photos by: Adela Havelkova
for the amazing SOFFA mag!


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    1. Moc dekuji! Jsou take jedny z mych nejoblibenejsich!

  2. nejlepsi! mohla by si hrat v game of thrones!